Writerly Intentions: The Key

IMG_5864I am a part of a small writing group here locally, called Writerly Intentions. The first week was a whirlwind! Fun, intimidating, scary and exciting all at once. I knew immediately I was among great writers – true wordsmiths.

Since I had to miss the second week I thought I would blog the assignment. We were to be placed in groups of four and assigned a word – either Door, key, lock or box. After brainstorming the different uses of our assigned word, we were to collectively write an opening line for a book, a tweet, a poem, and a song.

My word was key.

After thinking about the many uses of the word key, I thought of a photo I had taken in a historic house and settled on a key as an object. I gave myself about 45 minutes (which is what the group had) here is what I came up with:

Opening to a Book:

Another silent standoff – me and the mysterious locked door. Kneeling down to peer through the keyhole I heard faint whispers as a cool breeze passed through the lock. A flash of light and they were gone… the room on the other side of the door went dark.


Hands shaking, heart thumping, palms sweating, I put the key in the lock… it fit.


You are the key…
…to my secrets
…to my laughter
…to my heart
You unlocked me

What would you think of first if given the word key? An object, a phrase or a location?

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