It only takes one

10.13.14I had an incredibly unusual experience this week as I was traveling to Colorado for the SCORRE™ Conference

When flying, I’ve come to expect the unfriendly airport staff who always seem to be wearing a look of perpetual boredom. However, this trip was different.

As we all know, airport bathrooms are the worst. They’re always smelly, overcrowded and bustling with people rushing to catch their flights. I deplaned at the Atlanta airport silently dreading the inevitable stop at the toilets.

Holding my breath as I entered the ladies room, I heard “Good Morning!”, “You have a great day today, now!”, “There’s an open stall just over there”, “Hi! Two open stalls here on the left.”

The greetings and well wishes continued – I was stunned. STUNNED.

Heading to wash my hands, I spotted her. This joyful, friendly woman – this woman who clearly delighted in her work, was none other than the janitor. Yes, the BATHROOM cleaner. The very woman whose workplace consists of smelly, overcrowded, dirty public restrooms.

I was speechless.

The lesson here is obvious, but worth mentioning nonetheless. If she can delight in her job despite her unsavory “office conditions” who are we to gripe about going to work? What an incredible reminder.

Her cheerfulness certainly made my trip to Colorado that much better. It only takes one person to shift your perspective. I left Atlanta feeling lighter than when I arrived – and I’m not talking about my luggage.

Have you experienced someone like this? 
How would your day look different if you were determined to be cheerful despite the circumstances? 

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4 thoughts on “It only takes one

  1. Lauren, this is a wonderful “post”. And for you to take the time to give this well deserved tribute to a stranger that made your day better is remarkable, as I know you lead a very busy life. The lady you are talking about may never know how her attitude affected you, or thousands of others. But God knows. I pray that I remember how I come across to others, strangers or friends, it is important!