spend some. save some. give some. what i wish i could tell my 12 year old self

Spend-Give-SaveBudget. I shudder at the word! Before I got married I had a phobia of my own bank account. I was terrified of logging in – terrified of facing those single digits (or even negative digits on occasion.) Let’s just say I got really good at talking my way out of overdraft fees. Looking back, I think a simple budget and a little discipline would’ve gone a long way. Speaking of looking back, let’s look alllll the way back to those first days of making money…

I started babysitting around 12 years old and if I could go back and give my 12 year old self a piece of financial advice, it would be this: spend some, save some, give some.

I strongly believe that you should always celebrate hard earned money by spending a small portion of the income. Have fun!  Then, you should do the responsible thing by saving some. Then, it goes without saying that a final portion should be dedicated to giving. Giving a friend a gift, giving to a charitable cause, or giving your tithe – we all know the importance of giving back.

There are a lot of great budget worksheets out there, but I have created one that I think I could’ve benefited from all those years ago as teen. I encourage you to share this simple worksheet with your friends or your children or even your niece or nephew. Imagine the difference it could make in their life if they learned the valuable lesson of spending, saving and giving!


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