A Snow Day in the South

IMG_1577My husband is from the Northeast, so he rolls his eyes (lovingly, of course) whenever I squeal “it’s snowing!” at what he would call barely flurrying.

So you can imagine my surprise when he said “it snowed!” on Saturday morning. Though we couldn’t have had more than an inch and a half, it was beautiful. It had been raining the night before, so everything stuck to trees and branches and leaves.

When there’s a snow day in the South, everyone heads straight outside.

As we walked through our neighborhood snapping photos of the glistening rarity, we passed people building snowmen, people making snow angels and people even trying to sled, yes, sled.

Though I’m sure my Northeastern friends and family are probably silently laughing as they’re reading this post, take a moment to check out the photos from our southern snow day…

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2 thoughts on “A Snow Day in the South

  1. Beautiful. Your new home with it’s first snow! I can see a beautiful Christmas Card for next year with the brook and the snow photo! (Unless you get a bigger snow).