Several years ago my husband and I stumbled across the community of Serenbe. We were completely enchanted as we wandered around the peaceful secluded community. Over and over again we talked about what a perfect place it would be for my sister’s family to live.IMG_0082

A year or two later, as they were seriously considering their move to the Atlanta area, we introduced them to Serenbe. They instantly fell in love and have been renting a beautiful farmhouse ever since.

However, it is said that all good things must come to an end…

This weekend was bittersweet as I helped my sister begin packing. I realized, though it wouldn’t be my last time to visit Serenbe, it would be my last time to visit Serenbe at their house.

While we’ve made many memories simply by visiting them – they’ve certainly made many more memories by making Serenbe their home. Beautiful hikes through the wooded trails to the waterfall and to the tree house, feeding the horses, goats, pigs, and rabbits, shopping the Saturday morning farmer’s market, and even shooting a short film on site, many memories have been made, indeed.

There is so much to learn and experience here, so much beauty. Fittingly, the evening provided a most lovely farewell with it’s stunning sunset over the lake…

More photographs from my various visits to the Serenbe community can be found on my photography page.


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