Paint, a Palette Knife and Patsy


It was love at first sight when my dear friend Patsy began painting 2 years ago… After much encouragement (and begging!) from friends, she’s launched a website, Rosecreek Road where prints of her artwork are for sale (finally!)

This past weekend she allowed me to invade her studio, ogle her artwork and ask a few questions…

Why the name Rosecreek Road?

My mom lived on a tobacco farm in Kentucky and it was on RoseCreek. When I first heard the name I knew one day I would name something that. I thought it might be a book.

What inspired you to begin painting?

I’ve always loved art, it fascinated me. My closest friend growing up was a watercolor artist and I would sit for hours and watch her. I never dreamed I’d one day paint.

What mediums have you used and which is your favorite?

I am the most comfortable with acrylics but I’m growing in confidence with watercolor.

Paint brush or palette knife?

Palette knife


Describe your painting style in 3 words:

Textured, shabby, whimsy

Do you have a favorite painting that you’ve done?

My pear and rooster. Both are colorful.

Is there a particular painter whose work you admire?

Dreama T. Perry, Shirley Trevena, Angela Morgan.

How do you sign your paintings?


How long does it take you to complete a painting?

Some I do in a day — some weeks. On the average it’s several days.


Describe your ideal studio atmosphere:

Cheery, good source of natural light, source of water, background music, room for my supplies.



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