Giving Life in Death

When my Great Grandmother passed away, my mom was given a tree to plant in her honor. This beautiful gesture has stayed with me through the years and I’ve felt compelled to continue the tradition when someone I know loses a loved one. Dedicating a tree is such a meaningful way to honor and remember a life well lived.



However, it appears we can now take this gesture a step further…

Bios Urn, an Estudimoline project, has created a way to give life in death by designing a biodegradable urn.


The process is simple — select a seed, place the ashes, and plant the biodegradable urn. The roots of tree grow through your ashes, anchoring them to the earth. Simple, but beautiful – less truly is more.

What seed would you select for yourself? 

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h/t ASAPScience 

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21 thoughts on “Giving Life in Death

  1. I choose the mighty Oak. Its strong roots endure many storms and the spreading limbs offer shade to rest under as well as shelter for many birds and animals. I love the Oak, it hangs in there and only looses its final leaves in Winter when Spring gently nudges them off with her beautiful new green shoots.

    I think this is a wonderful way to be remembered and also replenish the earth for future generations to enjoy. My wish is for my loved ones to remembers this is what I desire when that choice is needed.

  2. I’m interested in the urn for planting a tree after I lose a loved one. How much are they and can it be buried in my yard? If i choose to be cremated do I just take the urn up to the funeral home? I there a brochure that you can mail to me? Giving Live in Death seems so comforting.

    Lee Ann Jarratt
    124 Cody Drive
    Searcy, Ark. 72143

  3. This is a wonderful idea. When I think about these urns entering into an ecosystem, I would be mindful about introducing non-natives into an area. How do they encourage people to plant a type of tree that is native to their region?