An Engagement Story…

Since it’s Valentine’s week and all, I thought it would be fun to share one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever experienced…

We had decided earlier in the week to go for a walk at Radnor Lake. We changed into hiking clothes after work and headed straight there – he’d already packed a bag with waters and an extra sweatshirt, etc. in case it got cold.


The sun was just starting to set as we walked the peaceful, quiet lake trail. As we neared the lake he said he had something in his shoe. Conveniently, a bench was just ahead — sitting down to inspect his shoe he opened the backpack to find the waters he had brought along.

As I sat sipping water, he pulled out a beautifully wrapped gift — I was surprised of course, but not too suspicious — being the romantic he is, it wasn’t unusual to be randomly receive a gift. As I began to open the box I discovered a stamp, identical to one I use to stamp my name in my books. Only this stamp didn’t say “Lauren Elrod” it said “Lauren Brady!”

Shocked and confused (in the best possible way!) he then pulled out one of the beautiful cloth bound books I’d been collecting encouraging me to use my new stamp. As I opened the cover, I saw my dream diamond ring tied to the book ribbon…

All of this was happening so fast – a whirlwind! As I looked up from the book, he was down on one knee…


After an explosion of happy tears, squeals of joy and rings on fingers, I was told that we had dinner reservations. Little did I know he’d arranged for several of my dresses to be delivered to our sweet friend’s house in Nashville where we could freshen up and change.

Thoroughly refreshed, he drove us to the restaurant. Congratulating us, the hostess led us to the same table where we’d sat on our first date – complete with two dozen long-stem roses and a beautiful bottle of champagne!


We savored every moment of our glorious and decadent dinner — we were especially delighted to find a 2007 Hendry Block 7 & 22 Zinfandel on the menu!!)

As we left the restaurant, naturally I insisted that we had to stop at my mom’s so I could show her the ring and share the good news. Pulling up to her house, I noticed an unusual amount of cars that I recognized – we walked in to the middle of a surprise engagement party! Popping another bottle of champagne we celebrated until almost 2AM!

Needless to say, it was the most incredible, memorable, enchanting evening! One I will cherish forever…



Our enchanting wedding photos were captured by the incredibly talented Austin Gros.


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