friday favorites: cuppow

Cuppow-LOGO-300This Friday I want to share with you the absolutely brilliant product that is Cuppow!IMG_1234dipadj

I discovered Cuppow several years ago when the company was still in its early stages. I immediately fell in love with the idea – it’s pure genius! Cuppow has saved me in so many situations – from half-asleep nightstand water spills to instantly creating a sippy-cup for a toddler. I love this company!

IMG_1261adjscaledCuppow has developed several other products beyond the original drinking lid. One of my favorites is the Bnto Jar Lunch Box Adaptor! This allows you to turn a canning jar into an on the go snack/dip container.BNTO-Editorial-Image-4

They also make Jar Coozies so you can enjoy a hot drink in your canning jar, Pour Over Coffee Brewers, Mason Tap Infusers for salad dressings and olive oils, and several other wonderful products.


Be sure to check out all Cuppow has to offer by clicking here!


Disclaimer: Cuppow generously offered to send me free product to review when I let them know I was planning to blog about their fantastic product. 

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7 thoughts on “friday favorites: cuppow

  1. Great post about a great product we were able to try out at your beautiful home! As my kids have grown older, it’s been a great feeling to free up room in the cabinets by getting rid of the sippy cups. We may have grown up but we sure do spill a lot, so I loved the cuppow lids that could be used with a straw on a glass. Never seen these before but absolutely love them! Thanks Lauren and Cuppow!