home sweet home: project herb box

One of the many projects on the list for our new home is a kitchen garden. We cook quite regularly so a produce-yielding backyard would certainly prove both convenient and cost-effective. We thought an herb box would be a great way to start! Continue reading to see how we built an elevated box for our herbs!

Home Sweet Home: Project Weekend

We planned to do a couple of light installation projects this weekend and ended up doing five projects all over the house!

Needless to say, it was a very productive weekend. Four of the five projects are complete – the last one will be done tomorrow since the final layer of joint compound is still wet. And really, that project deserves a post of it’s own!

Check out what we did this weekend!

10 Reasons I’m a Publix Patron


Where shopping is a pleasure… Here are 10 reasons I am (and always have been) a loyal patron of Publix stores:

  1. They are a company that truly lives up to their tag line
  2. They are always full of smiling faces that belong to friendly, knowledgable and helpful team members which is a direct reflection of good management
  3. Their stores have a clean, bright, well laid out environment
  4. Lots of registers – that are open
  5. Best subs ever – hands down
  6. Publix consistently has great produce, great bakery, great butcher
  7. The Aprons Recipes are simple and delicious and all the ingredients for the feature recipe have been gathered into one convenient place at the front of the store
  8. Publix now has digital coupons that can be clipped and applied by entering your phone number at checkout
  9. Penny item
  10. Their generic products are just as good as their name brand competitors in almost every case

Do you shop at Publix? What did I leave off the list? 

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Antiquing Road Trip

The thought is what truly creates a gift…

And my sweet love thought to take me on an antiquing road trip for my birthday — the man knows me well. We hit a slew of great antique stores (and one really bad one) from Marion, IL to Nashville.  Truly though, this idea made for a fantastically fun birthday!

Below are some of the treasures we saw and found along the way…










Friday Favorites: Olive & Sinclair

I love any opportunity to #supportlocal and Olive & Sinclair is one of my absolute favorites!

Rather than having a traditional wedding cake, Matt and I chose to place bars of our favorite Olive & Sinclair Chocolate on all the tables at our reception.

My first love and reigning favorite remains the Sea Salt Chocolate Bar. But we also love their Sea Salt Caramels, Duck Fat Caramels, and pretty much everything they create

We also love their letterpress packaging and the fact that each bar of chocolate is numbered!


Photo from http://oliveandsinclair.com


Photo from http://oliveandsinclair.com


Photo from http://oliveandsinclair.com


Photo from http://oliveandsinclair.com

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Vocal Fry???

One of my favorite facebook feeds, Mental Floss, recently posed the question “What Is Vocal Fry” to which I had no answer. Therefore, I HAD to read the article to find out.

FINALLY there is a name for this affliction! This explains why the main character in Boyhood is so annoying! This explains Tony in The Shining! This does not explain why I now catch myself doing it! How long have I been guilty of this??? How can I make it stop??

This video was included in the post and is all you need to understand this affliction called – Vocal Fry – watch it. Just watch it.



An Engagement Story…

Since it’s Valentine’s week and all, I thought it would be fun to share one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever experienced…

We had decided earlier in the week to go for a walk at Radnor Lake. We changed into hiking clothes after work and headed straight there – he’d already packed a bag with waters and an extra sweatshirt, etc. in case it got cold.