Home Sweet Home: Project Screen Porch

Well, our back porch is finally complete!

If you’re the kind of person (like me) who can attract any mosquito within a 10 mile radius, then you understand why a screen porch is absolutely essential. Especially in Tennessee.

Installing a screen porch is a first for us and once again, my husband amazed me with his knowledge and intuition for the project…

To start, Matt cut into the trim around the top of the columns so we could insert 2x4s to create the frame for the Screen Tight system. After the 2x4s were in place, we painted them to match the existing railings and Matt installed the Screen Tight system by cutting each piece to size and using spline to secure the screen into place.

Since all the doors in our house are 8ft, Matt simply refused to use a standard height screen door (my sweet perfectionist). SO, he ordered an 8ft door slab with a profile to match our other doors, and created a custom screen door.

After framing out the space for the door and matching the casing to what’s in the house, he began cutting out the space for the screen. Using more Screen Tight cut to size, we framed it in with quarter round. Next, he routed out the beds for the hinges, added the hinges and installed the doorknob.

Check out the photos below to see the process from start to finish!










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