Chateau Reno

BallyfinBy sheer luck I came across this article in my feed (we all know how hit or miss those incessant facebook articles can be) and I was immediately reminded of Ballyfin, a breathtaking mid-restoration castle that Matt and I had the rare chance of touring when we were in Ireland.

In 2008, Ballyfin was in much the same state as the photos shown in the article describing Chateau de Gudanes. I highly encourage you to take a few minutes to drool over this dream renovation project.

Below, are the photos from Ballyfin when a friend called in a favor and was able to show us around the estate. In addition to Ballyfin’s fascinating history, we learned that a sword-fighting scene from the Count of Monte Cristo was filmed there, and that it had recently been purchased with the intent of becoming a luxury hotel.

Matt seems to recall they were in the midst of a $300(ish) Million dollar renovation. If I remember correctly, the greenhouse was sent to France to be restored, piece by piece. They were in the process of reassembling the greenhouse when we were there.

Walking the house and grounds of Ballyfin was an experience Matt and I will never forget. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity!

I hope you enjoy the photos below… though, I apologize for the poor quality and lack of composition – they’ve not been touched up. They were taken in haste and long before I took photography seriously. For the “after” pictures, click here for a ‘Tour of Ballyfin’.



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