Calligraphy 101 in Nashville

Screen-Shot-2014-03-07-at-12.11.53-PMI just registered for Calligraphy 101 – Traditional and Modern Calligraphy with Molly Margaret of Esque Script!

Taking a calligraphy class has been on my list for quite a long time – I’m thrilled to be checking this one off soon! Each month, Molly announces a new set of classes on the blog. They sell out quickly so I joined the email list to get the scoop before the public announcement.

My class isn’t until June, but in the meantime I’ll be gathering the required supplies:

Oblique Pen Holder
Nikko G Nib
Zebra G Nib

Stay tuned to see what I learned!

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2 thoughts on “Calligraphy 101 in Nashville

    • Hi Eileen,

      I loved the class! I learned the alphabet in basic Edwardian calligraphy style. If it is something you want to start doing, and you are committed to practicing for about 10 minutes a day, the class is definitely worth it!!

      Thanks for your comment!