Friday Favorites: Book Series

FF BooksI still haven’t decided what makes one a “reader.” Is it nature or nurture that imparts the love of books? Perhaps it depends on how well-taught one was in reading comprehension. All I know is that I have loved books for as long as I can remember – particularly books in a series. Here are some of my favorites… what are yours? 

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Writerly Intentions: The Key

IMG_5864I am a part of a small writing group here locally, called Writerly Intentions. The first week was a whirlwind! Fun, intimidating, scary and exciting all at once. I knew immediately I was among great writers – true wordsmiths.

Since I had to miss the second week I thought I would blog the assignment. We were to be placed in groups of four and assigned a word – either Door, key, lock or box. After brainstorming the different uses of our assigned word, we were to collectively write an opening line for a book, a tweet, a poem, and a song.

Friday Favorites: Flowers – What does your bouquet say?

Looking for a fresh idea this Valentine’s? Consider creating a bouquet of flowers selected specifically for what they symbolize.

Your valentine will undoubtedly feel special (and so loved!) as you explain what each flower means and why you selected it for her. A love letter of sorts, really…

Below are a few photos from a series of stunning photographs by one of my favorite blogs, Design*Sponge. Their Flower Glossary provides the pronunciation, origin, season, and symbol for each flower…




Click here to view the full Design*Sponge Flower Glossary.

Below are a few more flowers and their meanings to help provide inspiration!

Floral Symbolism via

What is your favorite flower and it’s meaning?
What flowers should I add to this list? 

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Paint, a Palette Knife and Patsy


It was love at first sight when my dear friend Patsy began painting 2 years ago… After much encouragement (and begging!) from friends, she’s launched a website, Rosecreek Road where prints of her artwork are for sale (finally!)

This past weekend she allowed me to invade her studio, ogle her artwork and ask a few questions…