arizona travels, continued

397d028d1751b4cc8764bfae061f7ba6I recently wrote about my first trip to Arizona and the many things my second cousin, Terri and I have in common.

The ultimate hostess, sweet Terri pioneered a girl’s road trip guiding us through the cliff dwellings of Montezuma’s Castle, the Grand Canyon, (a surprisingly close encounter with an Elk), and the stunning red rocks of Sedona.

The day started clear and bright as we admired the cliff dwellings at our first stop. However, the sky grew more and more ominous as our journey continued, and the clouds were threateningly low when we arrived at the South Rim of the canyon.

The view from Mather Point completely took my breath away. After several moments of silence to honor it’s vast beauty, I photographed the canyon until the first few rain drops hit my shoulders.

And then…the bottom dropped out of the sky.

Camera cradled under my jacket, we ran for the car. Breathless and soaked, we navigated over to the historic El Tovar Lodge for a bite to eat and a view of the approaching fog.

Three orders of comfort food (and a serving of homemade cookies) later, the rain and fog continued it’s impressive performance. BUCKETS and buckets of rain encored throughout the afternoon.

I know what you’re thinking, and I thought the same thing too – at first. Though disappointment would certainly be an understandable reaction to the situation, the three of us chose to feel lucky.

Yes, lucky.

How many people get to see the Grand Canyon all fogged in and dripping with dew?

There truly was an eerie and mysterious beauty to it all…see for yourself in the photos below.

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? 
What was the weather like when you were there? 
Did you visit the North or South Rim?

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3 thoughts on “arizona travels, continued

  1. These pictures are gorgeous! Your perspective is right on…the mystery added to your work through raindrops and fog is lovely and captivating. What an eye you have. Makes me want to explore my disappointment and find beauty

  2. This was my first visit as well and I have to admit, I was having a very immature bad attitude in my mind about the rain. But when you posed the question, “I wonder how very few people have ever experienced a storm at the Grand Canyon?”, I totally changed my attitude. It was such a great girls trip and a mind blowing experience to see it for the first time. There are no words when you first see it. I’m so thankful for the 5 minutes before the rain!