Seven commonly mispronounced words

One of my (totally ridiculous and irrational) pet-peeves is pronunciation. Particularly when a letter is added or omitted from a word resulting in total… utter…. awful…. mispronunciation.

If YOU are guilty of any of these, please know I am writing this post from a completely lighthearted perspective. I hope you can laugh along with me! Lord knows I’ve been one of the worst offenders! Which probably explains a lot.


I mean, come on, there’s even a Friends episode about it for crying out loud!


Gah! This is probably the MOST common, second only to supposably….


Eeesh! Classic letter reversal.


Yeeoowww! Even worse when coming off the lips of a Starbucks aficionado.


Can I get an R? Anyone? Anyone????


Aaaaand this probably means they need to spend MORE time at the Libary.


This one just hurts. Painful. PAINFUL. Mostly because I’ve absolutely been guilty of this one…. on multiple occasions…

What are your pet-peeves?
What words am I missing???

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15 thoughts on “Seven commonly mispronounced words

  1. My mother says combo words…. flustrated which is a combination of flustered and frustrated. Also in medicine, you should say recurrence and not reoccurrence.

    Idear instead of idea.

    Enjoying your insights.


  2. Your mom may remember this one from a former pastor:

    In fact, she can INDENIFY with this mispronunciation of IDENTIFY.
    Also this person once said: “Who’s coming to couples night? Raise your hand. Now if you raise your hand you’d better be there because I have a PHOTOGENIC memory.”