Moo Business Cards

MOO_Logo_575I ordered business cards for the blog today! I’ve always adored Moo’s mini cards and I thought it was high time I ordered some for myself!

I love the fact that you can have up to 100 different designs on the back of your card. I only ended up with 8 variations using some of my photography, but I think they’re pretty fun! What do you think? Order some for yourself and get 10% off by clicking here!


Classic Cocktail: Aviation

IMG_6183I was pleasantly surprised this weekend when my husband brought home a gift from his travels! While in Portland Matt picked up a bottle of Aviation Gin. You guessed it – this gin has been created specifically for one of my favorite classic concoctions, the Aviation Cocktail!

Naturally we mixed up a couple of Aviations as soon as we walked in the door. Best Aviation I’ve ever had – the gin truly lives up to its name!

I’ve listed below the recipe we use for our Aviations – there are many different variations out there but this is our favorite:


spend some. save some. give some. what i wish i could tell my 12 year old self

Spend-Give-SaveBudget. I shudder at the word! Before I got married I had a phobia of my own bank account. I was terrified of logging in – terrified of facing those single digits (or even negative digits on occasion.) Let’s just say I got really good at talking my way out of overdraft fees. Looking back, I think a simple budget and a little discipline would’ve gone a long way. Speaking of looking back, let’s look alllll the way back to those first days of making money…

Resource: Death to the Stock Photo

PastedGraphic-9Death to the Stock Photo is a fresh alternative to “big box” stock photography websites. Not only are their photos completely gorgeous, but a portion of their premium membership fees help fund creative projects around the world. Now that’s the kind of company I love to support!

Simply subscribe to their email list and each month you’ll receive a new series of photographs to use on your blog, social media or other outlets. Want the specifics on how to appropriately use their photos? Read the “Plain English” License here.

Friday Favorites: Book Series

FF BooksI still haven’t decided what makes one a “reader.” Is it nature or nurture that imparts the love of books? Perhaps it depends on how well-taught one was in reading comprehension. All I know is that I have loved books for as long as I can remember – particularly books in a series. Here are some of my favorites… what are yours? 

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