Home Sweet Home: Project Weekend

We planned to do a couple of light installation projects this weekend and ended up doing five projects all over the house!

Needless to say, it was a very productive weekend. Four of the five projects are complete – the last one will be done tomorrow since the final layer of joint compound is still wet. And really, that project deserves a post of it’s own!

Check out what we did this weekend!

10 Reasons I’m a Publix Patron


Where shopping is a pleasure… Here are 10 reasons I am (and always have been) a loyal patron of Publix stores:

  1. They are a company that truly lives up to their tag line
  2. They are always full of smiling faces that belong to friendly, knowledgable and helpful team members which is a direct reflection of good management
  3. Their stores have a clean, bright, well laid out environment
  4. Lots of registers – that are open
  5. Best subs ever – hands down
  6. Publix consistently has great produce, great bakery, great butcher
  7. The Aprons Recipes are simple and delicious and all the ingredients for the feature recipe have been gathered into one convenient place at the front of the store
  8. Publix now has digital coupons that can be clipped and applied by entering your phone number at checkout
  9. Penny item
  10. Their generic products are just as good as their name brand competitors in almost every case

Do you shop at Publix? What did I leave off the list? 

You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Writerly Intentions: The Key

IMG_5864I am a part of a small writing group here locally, called Writerly Intentions. The first week was a whirlwind! Fun, intimidating, scary and exciting all at once. I knew immediately I was among great writers – true wordsmiths.

Since I had to miss the second week I thought I would blog the assignment. We were to be placed in groups of four and assigned a word – either Door, key, lock or box. After brainstorming the different uses of our assigned word, we were to collectively write an opening line for a book, a tweet, a poem, and a song.

Ireland: Memories from the Emerald Isle

Every year on St. Patrick’s day I’m reminded of my travels in Ireland. During the lucky summers of 2007 and 2008 I found myself in Ireland – first with my sister, then with Matt – both with my college.

When I attended O’More, the school was very much in touch with its building’s namesake, and Franklin’s sister city, Abbeyleix (located in Co. Laois, Ireland.)

I first traveled to Ireland in 2007 as a student. Shortly thereafter the school formed a partnership with Sister Cities of Franklin and Williamson County and a Global Travel Course was born. I began working as the school’s International Coordinator and traveled to Ireland the following summer as both a student and an employee. Two very lucky summers indeed!

I still cherish the friendships and memories made in Ireland and I truly believe my trip with Matt in particular played a key part in our decision to start dating – even if it was two years later.

Below, I’ve compiled snapshots of some of my favorite memories from my two trips. Through these, I hope you can experience a little bit of Ireland this St. Patrick’s Day!