Antiquing Road Trip

The thought is what truly creates a gift…

And my sweet love thought to take me on an antiquing road trip for my birthday — the man knows me well. We hit a slew of great antique stores (and one really bad one) from Marion, IL to Nashville.  Truly though, this idea made for a fantastically fun birthday!

Below are some of the treasures we saw and found along the way…










Friday Favorites: Olive & Sinclair

I love any opportunity to #supportlocal and Olive & Sinclair is one of my absolute favorites!

Rather than having a traditional wedding cake, Matt and I chose to place bars of our favorite Olive & Sinclair Chocolate on all the tables at our reception.

My first love and reigning favorite remains the Sea Salt Chocolate Bar. But we also love their Sea Salt Caramels, Duck Fat Caramels, and pretty much everything they create

We also love their letterpress packaging and the fact that each bar of chocolate is numbered!


Photo from


Photo from


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Photo from

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Vocal Fry???

One of my favorite facebook feeds, Mental Floss, recently posed the question “What Is Vocal Fry” to which I had no answer. Therefore, I HAD to read the article to find out.

FINALLY there is a name for this affliction! This explains why the main character in Boyhood is so annoying! This explains Tony in The Shining! This does not explain why I now catch myself doing it! How long have I been guilty of this??? How can I make it stop??

This video was included in the post and is all you need to understand this affliction called – Vocal Fry – watch it. Just watch it.



Friday Favorites: Flowers – What does your bouquet say?

Looking for a fresh idea this Valentine’s? Consider creating a bouquet of flowers selected specifically for what they symbolize.

Your valentine will undoubtedly feel special (and so loved!) as you explain what each flower means and why you selected it for her. A love letter of sorts, really…

Below are a few photos from a series of stunning photographs by one of my favorite blogs, Design*Sponge. Their Flower Glossary provides the pronunciation, origin, season, and symbol for each flower…




Click here to view the full Design*Sponge Flower Glossary.

Below are a few more flowers and their meanings to help provide inspiration!

Floral Symbolism via

What is your favorite flower and it’s meaning?
What flowers should I add to this list? 

You can leave a comment by clicking here.

An Engagement Story…

Since it’s Valentine’s week and all, I thought it would be fun to share one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever experienced…

We had decided earlier in the week to go for a walk at Radnor Lake. We changed into hiking clothes after work and headed straight there – he’d already packed a bag with waters and an extra sweatshirt, etc. in case it got cold.


Paint, a Palette Knife and Patsy


It was love at first sight when my dear friend Patsy began painting 2 years ago… After much encouragement (and begging!) from friends, she’s launched a website, Rosecreek Road where prints of her artwork are for sale (finally!)

This past weekend she allowed me to invade her studio, ogle her artwork and ask a few questions…