home sweet home: project cabinet hardware

Who knew one could get so excited over cabinet pulls!

We have a long list of projects to customize our new home. This week, we installed cabinet hardware!

We opted out of the builder hardware package since we already had a specific look in mind for our cabinets. After a bit of research, I found that Amazon (yes, Amazon!) had the best prices on the cup pulls and knobs we wanted – much less expensive than the big box hardware stores!

To ensure accuracy when drilling each hole, Matt created a nifty little tool called a jig. Click on the images below to see the before, during and after photos!

Are you a do-it-yourselfer?

What project will you tackle next?



home sweet home

We’ve finally moved into our first home together! I’m excited to introduce you to our nest and document the many projects we have planned for the house…

Here are a few sneak peeks of the house during the construction process. More photos coming soon!

Celebrating 75

The guest of honor! – Photo by my cousin, Catrina Cabe

We spent this weekend in Cloudland Canyon State Park celebrating my Mema’s 75th birthday / family reunion. Mema was absolutely glowing!

Mema was delighted with the 1960’s “campy picnic” theme – especially since so many of the decorations held special significance.

Hiking, campfires, s’mores and waterfalls – this weekend was a blast!

Thanksgiving menu ideas

This will be the first year to host Thanksgiving at our house and we couldn’t be more excited!

Thanksgiving PinSince half the fun is anticipation, I created a shared Pinterest board between my mom, my sister and me to help with the planning process.

It’s already proved to be helpful! My sis contributed this invaluable pin pictured on the left!

As a self-proclaimed group of foodies, our family loves to mix in a few new ideas along with the old favorites. It’s fun to choose a Thanksgiving Cocktail too!

Ham (instead of Turkey) takes the stage at our Thanksgiving table and I’m pretty excited about some of the recipes I’ve found! Here are a few initial ideas for our 2014 Thanksgiving menu…

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Have you started thinking about your Thanksgiving menu?

What are the must-have recipes for your family’s Thanksgiving dinner?

20 places on my list to revisit

I have a board on Pinterest entitled Revisit (the sister to my Go board.) My Revisit board contains windows to the places I’ve traveled and that I would return to in a heartbeat.

This week, we’re hosting the Platform Conference at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs and I am officially adding The Broadmoor to my Revisit board!

We have had such an unforgettable time here – especially because we were able to dine at one of the 35  5 Diamond 5 Star restaurants located in the United States: The Penrose Room. It was truly an experience to be remembered.

Browse the board below to see my other favorite travel spots. Perhaps you’ll be inspired for your next vacation!

Follow Lauren Brady’s board Revisit on Pinterest.

Seven commonly mispronounced words

One of my (totally ridiculous and irrational) pet-peeves is pronunciation. Particularly when a letter is added or omitted from a word resulting in total… utter…. awful…. mispronunciation.

If YOU are guilty of any of these, please know I am writing this post from a completely lighthearted perspective. I hope you can laugh along with me! Lord knows I’ve been one of the worst offenders! Which probably explains a lot.


I mean, come on, there’s even a Friends episode about it for crying out loud!


Gah! This is probably the MOST common, second only to supposably….


Eeesh! Classic letter reversal.


Yeeoowww! Even worse when coming off the lips of a Starbucks aficionado.


Can I get an R? Anyone? Anyone????


Aaaaand this probably means they need to spend MORE time at the Libary.


This one just hurts. Painful. PAINFUL. Mostly because I’ve absolutely been guilty of this one…. on multiple occasions…

What are your pet-peeves?
What words am I missing???