10 Reasons I’m a Publix Patron


Where shopping is a pleasure… Here are 10 reasons I am (and always have been) a loyal patron of Publix stores:

  1. They are a company that truly lives up to their tag line
  2. They are always full of smiling faces that belong to friendly, knowledgable and helpful team members which is a direct reflection of good management
  3. Their stores have a clean, bright, well laid out environment
  4. Lots of registers – that are open
  5. Best subs ever – hands down
  6. Publix consistently has great produce, great bakery, great butcher
  7. The Aprons Recipes are simple and delicious and all the ingredients for the feature recipe have been gathered into one convenient place at the front of the store
  8. Publix now has digital coupons that can be clipped and applied by entering your phone number at checkout
  9. Penny item
  10. Their generic products are just as good as their name brand competitors in almost every case

Do you shop at Publix? What did I leave off the list? 

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4 thoughts on “10 Reasons I’m a Publix Patron

  1. I love Publix too! I get picked on by a couple of people over it because they say it is more expensive than other grocery stores but they always have the things I need. Employees are always friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to ensure that I always find what I need. I love that they offer to take out my groceries, even though I have always declined. Shopping at Publix makes me feel like a princess, and if it costs more (which I haven’t noticed) It’s totally worth it!

    • I couldn’t agree more! The slightly higher prices are totally worth it when the staff is so friendly and helpful!! I dread going to their competitor’s store because their staff always looks miserable and never offers to help or asks if I’m finding things ok. To me, that means they are miserable in their jobs and I don’t want to support a company like that.

      Long live Publix!

  2. Love Publix! I would add three things to the list:
    1) their Italian 5 Grain bread from the bakery… Oh yumness!
    2) Certain prescriptions, such as penicillin, are FREE there. FREE. As in you don’t have to give them any money for it.
    3) They will help you take your groceries out.